The Website Owner’s Guide To Best Payment Gateway For Tech Support

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To run any online business mean you will not deal with physical cash but in brick-mortar can use physical cash. So running any online business is not easy task. It’s really not matter what are you selling and where are you selling. Payment gateway online payment is now in market to make your transaction more reliable. These days you found virtual equipment in every shop. In this seller accept the payment from debit card or credit card and other form is electronic transfer. But if these payment taken through payment gateway it’s completely safe and secure for both merchant and customer.

How payment gateway works?


First payment gateway is a application which allow a store to request payment from the customers when customer click order button then payment gateway proceed further:

Your gateway

  • It will verifies the customers billing information
  • Verifies the fund availability in customer account
  • Approved the request allow any store to a confirmation number
  • Last step follow ‘get you paid’

What will be your choice classic or modern?

Store owner apply for merchant account which facilitate for direct credit card payment. In merchant account you need not to go with payment gateway method its directly transfer money to your bank account. But in payment gateway you need not to open merchant account at all. It directly connects your customer’s bank account or credit Card debit card. It validates them and directly deposits in your account. Modern payment gateway which don’t require any merchant account they are PayPal, Stripe and simply commerce.

One more advantage of best payment gateway for tech support is that you need not to change your bank account and these gateways make your transaction procedure quicker.  This modern gateway charge larger amount per transaction charges than classic gateways. If you don’t have much budget to proceed to process accepting payment. Don’t be afraid start from simple gateways. Adding any payment gateway is very crucial apt of process. Choose best suited gateway for your business.

All gateways have their fees it’s per transaction fees or may be month charges. Their charges scale depend how much transaction proceed per day. With a right gateway you can make easy for your customer who will pay for your product. As your business grows your gateways should be keeping with your growth. Selection of classic payment method or modern payment method more realistic and easy method is modern payment method. So merchant should choose modern method to secure customer details and the customer confidence both.

A small padlock symbol shows in right side corner  of website screen. It is a mark which make the buyer secure and confidently make their payment and detail of every payment method is encrypted so it cannt be seen by anyone.

As aretailer if you want o putting online payment channel in place of your website. You should follow all concern which follow in normal transactions. Security matter according to availability of data according to your analysis, compatibility of your shopping programme which exist before it may be your shopping cart.

Shopping cart is a software which allow the customer to purchase multiple of product from your website. Customers an p[ay after finish his product collections. Shopping cart present in different from but its depend which plan you implement for your site.

Things You Need To Know About The Inversion Table

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Neglecting your health is not a good idea because several individuals are no longer following the rules of the workout. An attractive physic the not a sign of good health, those who work out every day for half an hour or so gives you an opportunity to improve your mind and body.

The Inversion Table

When we think of an improvement in yourself, we strive for education that can provide us with the knowledge which helps us to improve ourselves in many ways. However, when you use that knowledge to attain the recognition, then you should also be focusing on your health. Those who achieve success in their are healthy and they last longer in their industry. You can take Donald Trump (President of the USA), who is 70 years old and he is robust and powerful on what he does.

3 Things You Need To Know About The Inversion Table?

Working out every day will improve your health and also the stamina will improve. If you workout regularly without missing a day then you can maintain the integrity and decrease the chances of heart diseases.

Do you have an inversion table at your home? Are you making the proper use of the table? If yes, then there are few things which you are not aware of, but we would like to reveal those facts which can prove to be useful. In case of leg workout, you would need the best leg press machine as well. You can check out these best selling leg press machine reviews by Fitensity.

Age Group

It does not matter “who you and how old are you” but when you are working out on the inversion table you should know that the workout is more than just regular activity. If you take a close look at the activity and action you have to perform while using then you will realize that it isn’t possible for someone who has gotten weaker because of the age.

In many cases, even a 48-year-old man is weaker than a 60-year-old man, which clearly indicates that those who are not sure if they are eligible to use or not then you should consult a doctor instead of trying to be the doctor.

Ear Damage

The workout does not seem very extreme, but when you pay attention to the exercise, then you will realize that your middle ear is having trouble in hearing and you will clearly notice it while working out. So make sure to stop it when you face such a situation, and it is good for you to put the equipment aside forever.

Dizziness & Vertigo

You might be wondering why I have mentioned similar sentences? Well, if I explain it properly then you will get my point. If you are someone who has Eye disease or Low blood pressure, then you better consider the workout because you will experience Dizziness. If you keep on doing it despite the warnings by your body, it will turn into vertigo.

inversion table benefits


When you have decided to lose weight and relax your mind, then you better consult a doctor so that you will be sure about your unknown sickness is hidden deep within you. Even low-blood patients are not allowed to workout on specific equipments. Consult a doctor now and keep on moving.…

What’s the difference between a page and a blog module?

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Since showing our pricing model for Reflect, one of the frequently asked questions we have received looks like this:

What is the difference between a page and a blog? Do blog posts count against my page count limit? Couldn’t I simply have the blog module serve as my pages and bypass the limit?

As Aaron pointed out in a recent comment: a Page is not a Module. You could have a blog with as many posts as your heart desires. Blog posts do not count against your page limit. Others have asked this same question in regards to getting around the page limit by having posts become your pages. These two things serve two different contextual purposes.
Let’s take a look at the Blog Module. With this module you have the ability to:

  • Create entries.
  • Create categories and assign these to any entries.
  • Create tags and assign these to any entries.
  • Enable or disable comments at the module or individual entry level.
  • Set comment moderation options. You can set what to do when you receive a comment (automatically approve, author must have previously approved comment, or administrator must approve), expiration options (never expire, 3 months, 1 month, 2 weeks), notification options (email all, email author of the entry, no email, or email a specific person), and finally, validate the comment against:
    • A Word Filter that you designate with a comma separated list of words.
    • A Bad Words text file that holds many commonly used bad words and their misspellings.
    • Akismet, if you provide your API key.
  • You can set the base URL and provide your own permalink structure. This would let your entries look like: /blog/2008/09/17/my-catchy-title (or however you organized your structure with month, day, year, postname).
  • You have templates based on listing, entry, category, tag, and author.

Now, compare this to a Page:

  • You can add and organize hierarchically. You could have URLs like: /about/staff/nate-klaiber. At any point you could move pages around in the hierarchy.
  • With the same URL structure as in above, you could have different layouts or templates based on each of the different pages. The staff entry page (nate-klaiber) could be a 2 column left sidebar, with specified navigation, and the /staff/ page could have a 3 column layout with different links in the sidebars.
  • Pages have the ability to have nested pages, links, and forms.

Some things that are common between the two of them:

  • All pieces of content have a publishing status that allow you to have drafts, and give you the ability to publish content now or in the future, and expire content accordingly.
  • You have control over your page title (the browser title), meta title, and meta description.
  • You have control of your permalink.
  • You have access to your site files widget, so you can include them within any piece of content (images, audio, docs, etc).

Have any more questions? Feel free to let us know in the comments!…

Reflect Update: Expanded Beta

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So what’s up with Reflect? Well, quite a bit, and we want to let you in on how things are going and our plans to launch Reflect in the near future.

For the past several months we’ve been steadily developing Reflect and launching websites on the system. During this time, Reflect has been used solely by Clear Function (Reflect’s parent company) and a few select web developers. But that’s about to change, as we’ll be opening Reflect up to the many of you that have signed up for our private beta mailing list. The process will be pretty simple: In May, we’ll be emailing the Reflect mailing list with an invitation code accompanied with instructions that will be used to sign up for Reflect. We’ve had such a large number of people sign up for the list that we’ll be phasing out everyone over the course of May until everyone has received an invitation. So, if you’ve signed up, be patient. Everyone on the list will eventually receive an invitation code. During this expanded private beta we hope to receive feedback from you as we put some finishing touches on Reflect before completely opening it up.

To whet your appetite, we’ve put together a short screencast showing you how easy it will be to create modules. One of the great things about Reflect is that you can finally say goodbye to installing blog engines and other content management systems. You’ll see from this particular screencast that it takes just seconds to create a photo gallery and a blog.

So, stay tuned. Reflect will be worth the wait.

New “Assets” widget

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During the beta process, we’ve been making minor adjustments here and there to improve upon Reflect. We recently made an update to the old “File Widget” that we wanted to point out (this widget allows you to access all your files/links from any edit page). As we add more features, we’ll continue to blog about them here. Oh, and keep your feedback coming. One aspect of this feature was directly based upon user feedback.

We’ve changed the “File Widget” to be an “Assets Widget”. In addition to having images, docs, audio, and videos files, there is also a Links tab that gives you quick access to your site. This makes it super easy to add links to your content. Just click on the name of the page and it will automatically create a link in the editor.

Additionally, we’ve added a “View” icon by each file that allows a quick look at more information about that file. If the file is an image, you’ll get an enlarged preview and a listing of all file sizes available. If it’s another file like a PDF or Word doc, you’ll get the file path with a link to download/preview the file.

We think these small enhancements make it that much easier to gain access and information about your files and links. We hope you feel the same.…

We’re still alive and kicking

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Well, it has a been a little quiet around here lately, and we wanted to post an update to make sure everyone knows we’re still alive and kicking. Although it took us a little longer to get the private beta going than we originally thought, things are now in full swing. And we’ve been receiving some great feedback:

“The last week or so I’ve been beta testing Reflect. Nate Klaiber and our friends at ClearFunction have hit the nail on the head with their hosted CMS solution. It’s light, agile and flexible. You can build your own website in a few minutes or have a professional designer put the look and feel together for you. It’s competitively priced and offers a few well thought out features…” […]

– Josh Walsh @ Designing Interactive

“I really liked it.  It is very simple, but still seems to let me do exactly what I want to do.  You’ve done a great job.  I look forward to playing with it even more.” […]
– Dana Kashubeck

“As a testament to how great Reflect is, in just a few short hours of work over the past 2 days I’ve been able to get two of my websites converted over.” […]
– Steve Erickson

So, if you haven’t received your invite yet, still hold tight. We’ll be adding more accounts in the order of how people signed up. Thanks to everyone for your patience!