New “Assets” widget

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During the beta process, we’ve been making minor adjustments here and there to improve upon Reflect. We recently made an update to the old “File Widget” that we wanted to point out (this widget allows you to access all your files/links from any edit page). As we add more features, we’ll continue to blog about them here. Oh, and keep your feedback coming. One aspect of this feature was directly based upon user feedback.

We’ve changed the “File Widget” to be an “Assets Widget”. In addition to having images, docs, audio, and videos files, there is also a Links tab that gives you quick access to your site. This makes it super easy to add links to your content. Just click on the name of the page and it will automatically create a link in the editor.

Additionally, we’ve added a “View” icon by each file that allows a quick look at more information about that file. If the file is an image, you’ll get an enlarged preview and a listing of all file sizes available. If it’s another file like a PDF or Word doc, you’ll get the file path with a link to download/preview the file.

We think these small enhancements make it that much easier to gain access and information about your files and links. We hope you feel the same.